Omniderm is indicated for the treatment of steroid-responsive inflammatory dermatoses with Econazole
sensitive mycotic and bacterial super infections like: Eczemetous mycosis, Eczema marginatum hebecae,
Herpes circinatum, Folliculitis trichophytica, Mycosis barbae, Onychomycoses. For the treatment of
onychomycoses, local therapy with Omniderm cream, combined with an oral antimycotic is recommended.

Dosage & Administration

For topical administration only.
Adults: Apply twice daily to the affected area and rub on the skin gently with the finger. Continue the
applications for 14 days or as directed by the doctor.
Children: Suitable for topical application to children.

Use in Pregnancy and Lactation
Pregnancy: Triamcinolone Acetonide crosses the placenta. The relevance of this finding to human beings
has not been established. However, topical steroids in large amounts or for prolonged periods should not be
used in pregnancy.
Lactation: Negligible amount of Econazole and to some extent Triamcinolone may be excreted in small
amounts in breast milk. So, this cream should not be prescribed to the lactating mother.


Hypersensitivity has rarely been recorded. If it occurs, application of the product should be discontinued.

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