Business Partners

Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (PPL) has entered into an equity participation agreement with Brummer Frontier PE (Mauritius) Limited on September 2012. According to the agreement Brummer Frontier PE (Mauritius) Limited invested in Popular by way of subscription in share. The purpose of this investment was to develop the company by facilitating planned expansion of the company towards maximization of potential and shareholders’ value.

Certain Defined Terms and Conventions

  • “Articles” or “Articles of Association” refer to our articles of association.
  • “Bangladesh” or “Bangladeshi” refer to the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and the “Bangladeshi Government” or “Government” refer to the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
  • “BAS” refers to Bangladesh Accounting Standards.
  • “Board” or “Board of Directors” refer to our Board of Directors.
  • “Commission” means the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) established under the Securities & Exchange Commission Act 1993 (Act No. XV of 1993).
  • “Companies Act” refers to the Companies Act, 1994 (Act No. XVIII of 1994).
  • “Depository Act” refer to the Depository Act, 1999, as amended.
  • “IDLC” or “Issue Manager” refers to IDLC Investments Limited.
  • “Initial Public Offering“ means first offering of security by an issuer to the general public.
  • “Issuer” means any person who has issued or proposes to issue any security.
  • “Stock Exchange” means any person who maintains or provides a market place or facilities for bringing together buyers and sellers of securities or for otherwise performing with respect to securities the functions commonly performed by a Stock Exchange, as that term is generally understood, and includes such market place and facilities.
  • “Securities” refer to shares of Popular Pharmaceuticals Limited.
  • “Merchant Banker” means person who, on behalf of client, undertakes fund management or is in underwriting business, or is involved with securities as underwriter, manager or adviser or provides service as corporate adviser in respect of performing all activities relating to issue management.
  • “Memorandum” or “Memorandum of Association” refer to our memorandum of association.
  • “NAV” refers to Net Asset Value.
  • “Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB)” refers to an expatriate Bangladeshi or who has dual citizenship or possesses a foreign passport bearing an endorsement from the concerned Bangladesh Embassy to the effect that no visa is required for him to travel Bangladesh.
  • “Offering Price” refers to issue price of the ordinary shares of Popular Pharmaceuticals Limited.
  • “Popular Pharmaceuticals Limited”, “Popular”, the “Company”, the “Issuer”, “we”, “our”, “ourselves”, or “us” refer to Popular Pharmaceuticals Limited, a public limited company incorporated in Bangladesh.
  • “Public Issue” means to public issue of security through initial public offering or repeat public offering.
  • “Public Offering” refer the offering of ordinary shares of Popular Pharmaceuticals Limited to the public of Bangladesh.
  • “Taka”, “Tk.” Or “BDT” refer to the legal currency of Bangladesh, “U.S. dollar”, “US$” or “USD” refer to the legal currency of the United States of America.


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