Corporate Social Responsibility

Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is committed to improve the quality of life and enhance the vitality of the communities in which we operate. We acknowledge our economic, social and environmental responsibility when provide solutions for the benefit of patients and society. Through our corporate social responsibility initiatives, we provide support to causes reflecting employee and community interests by the means of employee volunteer efforts, corporate initiatives, and monetary donations. We have a business driven CSR-approach and we acknowledge our Economic, Social and Environmental Responsibility when providing healthcare services for the benefit of patients and society.

Economic Responsibility

Popular Pharma’s primary economic contribution to society is the result of our innovation, investments and production, taking due account of sustainable social, environmental and economic development. This includes profits generated and taxes and duties paid. In this way, we make a positive contribution to sustainable economic growth of the country.

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Social Responsibility

Popular Pharma aims to offer a healthy and safe working environment and supports and respects the protection of internationally adopted human rights. We strive actively to improve occupational health and safety in accordance with international standards.

Environmental Responsibility

Popular Pharma aims to protect the environment and climate and to prevent pollution as well as to promote efficient use of energy and water. In general, we aim to minimize our environmental impact through programs focusing on continuous improvement.