Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (PPL), the pioneer manufacturer of Human Insulin in Bangladesh, is a company of Popular Group, the leading corporate house in the private sector Health Care Management of the country. PPL is manufacturing and marketing its high quality and wide variety of product range both in home and abroad.

Specialized Products


Alcadin (Alcaftadine 0.25%) Find More
Aminovit Plus Vet Injection Find More
Aminovit Plus Vet Oral Find More
Amisol IV Infusion Find More
Amisol Gold IV Infusion Find More
Amlovas AT Find More
Amlovas VS Find More
Angivas MR Find More
Aquafresh Liquigel Find More
Artear Eye Drops Find More
Autotear Eye Drops Find More
Benozol BR (Brinzolamide 1% & Brimonidine Tartrate 0.2%) Find More
Benozol Eye Drops Find More
Besibac Eye Drops Find More
Betacor AM Find More
Betacor HZ Find More
Bfenac Eye Drops Find More
Bimaprost Eye Drops Find More
Brimo Eye Drops Find More
Brimopres Eye Drops Find More
Bupi Heavy Inj Find More
Bupi Plain Inj Find More
Caldex Vet Forte Find More
Caldex Vet Find More
Calpha DB Bolus Find More
Calpha FP Powder Find More
Calpha PD Plus Find More
Cefa-1 Vet Powder Find More
Cicloderm Find More
Civodex Eye Drop Find More
Civodex Vet Find More
Civox IV Infusion Find More
Civox Eye Drops Find More
Civox Eye Drops Find More
Civox Vet Find More
Civox vet Find More
Civox vet inj. Find More
Clindabac Find More
Combiderm Find More
Corn Gluten Find More
DCP Granular Find More
DCP Powder Find More
Delkof Plus Find More
Dialyte-A Find More
Dialyte-AC Find More
Dialyte-B Find More
DO-2 100 gm Find More
Doty Vet Powder Find More
Doxofyl SR Find More
Electrosal IV Infusion Find More
Enrex Vet Find More
Ephidin Inj Find More
Eracef Vet Find More
Etomid Inj Find More
Eye Relief Find More
Ezykof Plus Find More
F-Zol IV Infusion Find More
Fatisol IV Infusion Find More
Faty DS Vet Bolus Find More
Fentyl Inj Find More
Feviz Plus Find More
FexoralTM Find More
Fimox AB Vet Find More
Fimox Col Find More
Fimox Combi Vet Find More
Fimox DS Vet Find More
Fimox Vet Find More
Fluromet Eye Drops Find More
Gatibac Eye Dorps Find More
Gentabac HC Find More
Gentabac vet Find More
Gentabac Vet Find More
Glucohart IV Infusion Find More
Glucohart Vet Find More
Glucolin IV Infusion Find More
Glucolin DS IV Infusion Find More
Glucolin Vet 25% Find More
Glucolin vet 50% Find More
Glucosal IV Infusion Find More
Glucosal M IV Infusion Find More
Hazmi Vet Powder Find More
Hemofer Infusion Find More
Hepavax-B Find More
Herpigel Eye Gel Find More
HMG 75IU Lyophilized Injection Find More
Insul 30/70 Find More
Insul 50/50 Find More
Insul Glargine Find More
Isotear Liquigel Find More
Kalcoral -D Find More
Kalcoral -DX Find More
Kalcoral kit Find More
Ketalar Inj Find More
Keto-Aid Bolus Find More
Kolosal IV Infusion Find More
Laxopride Find More
Levobac IV Infusion Find More
Levobac Eye Drops Find More
Levobac Eye Drops Find More
Levobac TS Eye Drops Find More
Levobac Vet Find More
Levorex Tablet Find More
Linajen (Linagliptin 5 mg Tablet) Find More
Lomebac Eye Drops Find More
Lopadol Eye Drops Find More
Losatan HZ Find More
Lotenol Eye Ointment Find More
Lotenol G Find More
Lotenol Gel Find More
Lotenol T Eye Drops Find More
LotenolTM Find More
LT-Zol Bolus Find More
Mega-sorb Forte Find More
Megacilin Find More
Megatonic Powder Find More
Metonid Bolus Find More
Metonid IV Infusion Find More
Metonid Tab & Suspension Find More
MIG Premix Find More
Motivet Bolus Find More
Moxibac Eye Drops Find More
Moxibac IV Find More
Moxibac IV Find More
Moxibac tablet Find More
Moxibac XG (Moxifloxacin 0.5%) Find More
N-Sol Nasal Drops Find More
Naspro Plus Find More
Natapro Eye Drops Find More
Neostig Inj Find More
Neosuxa Inj Find More
Nico Bolus Find More
Nitrovas 0.4% Ointment Find More
Nitrovas SR Find More
Normalin IV Infusion Find More
Normalin 3% IV Infusion Find More
Ocupres 0.5% Eye Drops Find More
Ocusol Eye Drops Find More
Ocustin (Bepotastine Besilatr 1.5%) Find More
Olmevas AM Find More
Optabac Eye Drops Find More
Optacarpine Eye Drops Find More
Optafenac (Nepafenac 0.1%) Find More
Optafenac TS Find More
Optagel Oph. Solution Find More
Optaloc 0.5% Eye Drops Find More
Optavit Capsule Find More
Orbidex C Eye Drops Find More
Orbidex Eye Drops Find More
Orbidex Eye Ointment Find More
Orbidex G Eye Drops Find More
Orbidex T Eye Drops Find More
Orbidex T Eye Ointment Find More
Organil pH Find More
OTC -100 Vet Find More
OTC LA Vet Find More
OTC Vet bolus Find More
P-caine Eye Drops Find More
Patadin DS Eye Drop Find More
Patadin Eye Drop Find More
Patadin Max Eye Drop Find More
Pedisol IV Infusion Find More
Pedisol DS IV Infusion Find More
Pevox Vet Find More
Pofol IV Inj Find More
Popular Hand Sanitizer Find More
Preclot AS Find More
Profenac Eye Drops Find More
Profenac L Inj Find More
Prostanor Find More
Pyrostig Tab Find More
Ready Zinc Bolus Find More
Sodicrom DS Eye Drops Find More
Sodicrom Eye Drops Find More
Soluzinc Syp Find More
Spirocard Find More
Spirocard Plus Find More
Sterisol IV Infusion Find More
Tacroderm Find More
Tobrabac E/O Find More
Tobrabac Eye Drops Find More
Tropidil 1% Eye Drops Find More
Tropidil Plus Eye Drops Find More
UbiCare 100 Find More
Ultracal-C Find More
Ultracal-D Find More
Ultravita C Find More
Ultravita DB Gold Find More
Ultravita-3 Find More
Vidalin D Find More
Vidalin Gold Find More
Vidalin IV Find More
Vidalin N Find More
Vidalin Silver Find More
Visin Eye Drops Find More
Vitachild Find More
Vitafol Eye Drops Find More
Zadit Eye Drops Find More
Zibac Eye Drops Find More
Zibac Eye Drops Find More


Changing the Trajectory of Cancer

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The Winning Formula

Over the years, many people have asked me the key to business success. Whether it comes to making your first million -- or second or third -- figuring out the perfect formula is a constant struggle. Does it come down to choosing a trending industry or going with your true passion? I believe the question is not so much how we can succeed but instead how to avoid failure. Business gurus who oversimplify the entrepreneurship process or who romanticize the entrepreneurs' lifestyle can easily persuade ambitious founders. Maybe you are pushed by an emotion or personal experience. There is no wrong motive to walk into this magnificent (but painful) world. However, understanding what pushes us to BYOB (Be Your Own Boss) is as important as understanding what pushes us away.

In The Common Denominator of SuccessAlbert E.N. Gray defines failure by explaining, "The common denominator of success -- the secret of success of every man who has ever been successful -- lies in the fact that he formed the habit of doing things that failures don't like to do." Gray points out how everyone is passionate about some tasks and hates others. The difference between success and failure lies in your sole decision to accomplish a task doing both things you like and dislike. And when you first start out in business, the tasks you dislike will outweigh the ones you love.

For example, I found my first job when I was eight years old, taking phone messages for a neighbor. After that, I asked my mother to give me a job mopping floors and cleaning restrooms. When I was 10, I created my first startup project in partnership with a friend to form a magazine and publish the opinion of the community. I was also washing neighbors' cars with my two dear friends Carlos Luis and Iker, insulating water pipes on people's roofs and washing windows. At 12, I sold belts and socks in the supermarket's parking lot and applied for a job as a groceries bagger. At 16, I was flipping burgers. At 18, I was working as a bank teller and at 21 I formed my first company. My mother never asked me to work. I had food on the table. I went to a private school and had plenty of toys. I hated cooking, disliked cleaning floors, and being in the streets selling to strangers made me so nervously nauseous that I wanted to throw up. But making money far outweighed everything I disliked doing. That is entrepreneurship at its best.

Before defining what area of business you want to get into, you first need to determine if you want to do the things you dislike. Success is not necessarily tied to the type of product or service you sell. You can make it anywhere, but you must be ready to do what you enjoy and what you do not.

You may have started your company because you were tired of being bossed around. Or maybe it was always your dream.  Maybe you inherited a family business. There is no wrong reason if you find the drive to keep you going. But there are no shortcuts. It will take years to succeed. Sometimes it will seem as though everyone is against you. But then, after your first success story, after a sale or your first client complement, it will all be worth it. True entrepreneurs get hooked on business. Entrepreneurship is a way of living -- a choice at first, a lifestyle after that. Nothing can prepare you for the lessons of owning your business. If after everything you've read you still want to be an entrepreneur, then there will never be a better time than now. 

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Patient Client

What do Coca-Cola and the patient-centricity movement have in common?

According to Jill Donahue, author, speaker and cofounder of The Aurora Project, both create an emotional connection and a sense of purpose. This comparison may seem unsavoury — one has the effect of causing obesity and ill-health while the other improves and saves lives— but Donahue is on to something.

"People everywhere know that Coca-Cola teaches the world to sing in perfect harmony. Coca-Cola figured out how to bottle happiness. We, in pharma, who actually bottle miracles have done a very poor job of communicating that. Most think of pharma companies as bottling pills instead of bottling the life changing miracles that we bring to the world," says Donahue. 

This might be chalked up to the fact that pharma has naturally focused on the medical sciences but not the behavioral sciences in its value creation. But the behavioral sciences are the final mile to impact change. "Without understanding what drives behavior, we can’t have the impact we need," she says.

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Popular Medical College & Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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