Aminovit Plus Aqua is a highly enriched with essential amino acids, vitamins,
minerals and dextrose. These unique combination aims to optimize the
growth performance, fecundity, egg maturity, hatchability, immune response,
digestion and survival of fish and shrimp larvae.

Dosage & Administration

Fish Larvae: 3-5 ml per 100 liter water.
Shrimp Larvae: 8-10 ml per 100 liter water.
Brood Fish: 4-6 ml per Kg feed.
Culture Period:
Catfish: 2-3 ml per Kg feed.
Other Fishes: 1 ml per Kg feed.
Or as advised by the Aquaculture Consultant.
Withdrawal Period
Zero (0) days.


Only for Aquaculture.

Product Details

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