Pedisol DS is indicated in combined water and sodium depletion and in deficiency of carbohydrate. It is also used as plasma Hypertonic-fluid, electrolyte and carbohydrate replacement therapy in patients who are unable to take fluid and nutrients by mouth e.g. in case of persistent vomiting, during and after surgery, shock or accidents.

Dosage & Administration

Dose is variable. It depends on the clinical condition, age and body surface area of the patients and the judgment of the physician. Ordinarily, normal circulation is restored by infusing 20-30 ml/kg as rapidly as possible. The laboratory findings should be available by this time so that the physician can proceed more slowly with logically planned subsequent fluid therapy. Administration Procedure:

  • 1. Check infusion set and infusion solution prior to use
  • 2. Pull moderately to tear off the protective cover of the Eurohead
  • 3. Hold lightly the Eurohead but not the bag
  • 4. Open the flow regulator fully and hold the giving set on the top white area, but not the membrane venting region
  • 5. Insert the spike of the administration set to the Eurohead and fit the connector of the administration set firmly to the needle
  • 6. Gradually allow the fluid to flow down to the needle tip and close
  • 7. Remove the protective cover of the needle
  • 8. Locate the veinpuncture site and clean the site with an antiseptic solution, and then insert the needle
  • 9. Securely tape the puncture site
  • 10. Securely tape the wings and tubing
  • 11. Start infusion while adjusting drip speed


As the preparation contains sodium chloride, it should be administered with caution to patients with congestive heart failure, peripheral or pulmonary edema and impaired renal function. Infusion of fluid should be immediately discontinued if rigor arises for any reason during the process. Do not use if the solution is cloudy, contains particles or after the expiry date.

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