Master Plan

The master plan for Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is developed by the world renowned Pharmaceutical Consultant from Australia (Asia Pacific Consultants) for a long term business. The facility of PPL provides plants erected in line with US FDA, UK MHRA and TGA guidelines.

Purified Water and WFI System

Separate Purified Water and WFI system of European origin are installed for non-beta lactam and beta lactam products. Captive electricity generation available to guarantee uninterrupted power supply to the plant.


Sourcing of most of the equipment’s for the facility is made from Europe, USA, Korea and Taiwan with provisions for proper validation and to guarantee consistent performance and reliability.

Fire Fighting

The whole facility is equipped with early fire detection system for any kind of smoke. Fire hydrant network is present throughout the site and also fire hose reel with portable extinguisher is placed at different area within all the buildings. Danger management system is controlling the entire firefighting system with the help of smoke and heat detectors in all the facilities. This fire-fighting system is supplied, installed and commissioned by Siemens, Germany and Bangladesh.

Waste Management System

There is a solid waste management system for disposal of solid waste and trash materials. A well-defined policy exists inclusive of in-house management through segregation and also with the provisions for using incinerator to protect the environment.